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November 14, 2019

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Volunteer Management Training



Have questions?
Give us a call at 917-829-8344 or
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Have questions?
Give us a call at 917-829-8344 or
send us an email.



"My favorite class was the recruitment, training, & retention session. I enjoyed this session because when I accepted my job position the recruitment aspect of being the volunteer coordinator never crossed my mind. This session provided information and suggestions to successfully recruit new volunteers and to retain the volunteers that were already with the company."

~Ashley Davis, MSW
Volunteer Coordinator, Integrity Hospice
Volunteer Management Certificate
July 2017




"Julie Marks, and the Volunteer Management Group have been the most helpful people I've met in either my for-profit or non-profit careers. There is real caring and knowledge, and a genuine concern for their students, and the people their students work with.
Ms. Marks really has a passion for non-profit work, which is expressed by her excitement in approaching a new undertaking, and the level of excellence at which that task is accomplished."

~Jonathan Fields



Student Testimonial

"...achieving a certificate in Volunteer Management helped tremendously with my coordination of the International MaleSurvivor, Inc. Conference..."

~Elischia Fludd, E.D.,
EOTO World


VMG's Volunteer Management Training program offers a formalized approach to planning, implementing and maintaining a volunteer management strategy for volunteer programs of all types, including nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and community-based organizations . Students address issues in the field of volunteer management and learn best practices relevant to today's volunteer manager. This program is offered in the classroom and online.

VMG's Volunteer Management training is a comprehensive approach teaching students how a program integrates successfully across the organization and interfaces with all stakeholders - a 360 program approach. Course content has been developed based on Julie's first-hand experience implementing a global volunteer program, presentations and workshops conducted through VMG consulting engagements with a variety of non-profit clients, and the knowledge, professionalism and best practices brought to the classroom by VMG's instructors.

8-course Volunteer Management Training Curriculum:

* Volunteer Program Management

* Leadership Management &HR

* Effective Communications

* Recruitment, Training & Retention

* Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media

* Project Management

* Developing Corporate Parnters

* Program Evaluation 


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Volunteer Program Management
A guide for the optimal use of volunteers is critical. Develop a successful volunteer management plan by focusing on the volunteer management cycle, including the process for planning, recruitment, training, and scheduling

Leadership, Management & Human Resources
Discuss ways to engage your board of directors in your volunteer program and how the ED sets the tone. Define the roles and responsibilities of major program stakeholders. Acquire skills to recruit, interview, screen, onboard, lead, manage, and develop volunteers. Gain skills to manage staff and volunteer relations. Delve into human resources for volunteer management including: roles of volunteers and interns, position descriptions, applications, interviewing effectively, performance management and terminating, retiring or “firing” a volunteer. 

Effective Communications
Most people fear public speaking, along with death and taxes! Becoming a good communicator is something you have to WORK at and give attention to. Oprah did not become *Oprah* overnight. Rather she had been speaking in front of groups and on radio/TV for many years and from a young age. Effectively communicating is extremely important to building relationships and working productively. This class helps you learn effective ways of introduction and follow-up communications with your prospects, volunteers and all stakeholders. You need the ability to build rapport and communicate effectively with internal and external partners. Best practices using email, phone, in-person meetings and written correspondence are covered. The 2-minute pitch and role play are used to facilitate learning.

Recruitment, Training & Retention Strategies
Explore recruitment strategies for various volunteer needs. Learn effective orientation and training practices. Appropriate methods to recognize volunteers and increase retention will be discussed.

PR, Marketing & Social Media
Explore tools and techniques to get the word out about your nonprofit mission and volunteer opportunities. Develop a strategy to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, market special events, raise funds and more.

Project Management
Learn how to apply project management tools and techniques to succeed at implementing programs and managing projects of any size and scope. Recognize ways to make your projects appealing to various audiences, including funders and volunteers. Students are encouraged to bring their work in progress for interactive discussion and critique.

Fundamentals of Program Evaluation
Conducting program evaluations is critical for demonstrating program impact to various stakeholders. Learn how to plan an evaluation, design a questionnaire, select evaluation methods, and interpret data to produce a cohesive evaluation report.

Developing Corporate Partners
Identify and comprehend the unique characteristics of corporate funders, the do's and don'ts in building corporate partnerships and what it takes to ultimately gaining their long-term support.

To enter the program, interested applicants must:

- be fluent in English (written and spoken)
- have access to the internet
- have access to a strong wi-fi connection if using wi-fi
- have a computer, tablet, phone or other device able to connect to voice over IP (VOIP) for the audio during online training This is not a problem for most computers.  
- have an email address to receive online session invites and course correspondence

To Apply:

- complete and submit VMG's Volunteer Management Training Program Registration Form with payment.  Registration forms are located on the Register Today page or on the page with the schedule you are interested in. See links to schedules below:


Online Training Schedule

Classroom Training Schedule


To register, complete and submit the VMG Volunteer Management Training Program Registration Form and make payment. It's that easy! There is no application process required. Registration continues till classes are full. For classroom classes, walk-in registration on the day of class is not permitted, you must send in the registration form prior to class. Registration forms can be sent in by mail, fax or email. Volunteer Management Group's address, fax number and email address are on the form. You will receive an email from VMG confirming receipt of your registration form. 

Registration for Individual Courses
Students can register for Individual courses or the 8-course program. Fill out the registration form and mark the course(s) you want to take on the form.

Cancellation Policy: No Refunds
Registration is first come, first served. Space is limited. Due to space reservations, scheduling arrangements and instructor confirmations, all payments are final and non-refundable. Registrants unable to attend a scheduled class can have access to an online course recording. 

Course Status
Minimum enrollment must be met for a program or course to run. When maximum enrollment for the program is reached, the program will be closed and the names of interested registrants will be put on a wait list and notified on a first come basis if an opening occurs. Please register early to secure your seat.

Homework and Grades
This is a non-credit training program. While grades will not be given, students are offered the option to meet "VMG Challenge Assignments" assigned for each course by completing the challenge and submitting work to the instructor for feedback and critique. Instructors will only review work on a timely basis at the time the course is taught (not after you finish the series).

Attendance Requirements
Students are required to be professional and, as a courtesy to the instructor and other students, be on time. If absence is to occur, the student is responsible for notifying VMG and requesting permission to take the class in the next session. With all rescheduling requests, the registration fee must be paid, if applicable, when registering. The VMG instructor maintains and submits attendance records for each class.

Completing Your Training
The Volunteer Management Training consists of completing the 8 courses listed at the top of the page under training curriculum. Upon completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by VMG. Attendance at each class is required. Partial attendance in any class does not count toward completion. Certificates will be mailed out within 4 weeks of program completion.

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Schedules, Fees & Registration

Online Training Schedule 

Classroom Training Schedule






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