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Grant Writing Training Program

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Have questions?
Give us a call at 917-829-8344 or
send us an email.



Have questions?
Give us a call at 917-829-8344 or
send us an email 


Client Testimonial

"We contracted with Julie three times to facilitate a “Grant Writing for Beginners” training workshop for the New York City Prevention Resource Center.  Each time, she provided a comprehensive and incredibly valuable training that was full of relevant and practical information and helpful hints.  The participants were extremely satisfied and many noted that they were motivated to start writing and submitting proposals immediately! Julie made difficult content understandable and gave participants the confidence and tools to seek funding for their programs and agencies.  She did a stellar job!"

~Ronni Katz, Director,
NYC Prevention Resource Center
The Children's Aid Society
New York, NY
December 2015


Student Testimonial

"I would tell anyone interested in taking this series to be prepared and committed to developing or creating the framework to seek funding for their cause or program. I highly recommend this grant writing series to those who want to make a difference in their communities with the assistance of grant funding."

~Trina Jennings
Grant Writing Student
New York City, May 2010

VMG's Grant Writing Training program is a must for anyone interested in learning how to write a grant proposal. This training is excellent for those who are individuals seeking professional development, students in college or graduate school, or employees working at the executive, middle or entry-level in areas of program services, development, fundraising, or philanthropy, whether it be in nonprofits, public schools, educational institutions, or faith-based organizations -- The bottom line is, you would like to learn how to seek funding from government, foundation or corporate grantors and you want to learn how to write a winning grant proposal!

How do you feel about learning grant writing? Are you excited? Do you have any questions or reservations? Feel free to contact VMG via email or phone 917-829-8344 with any questions, or sign up for an online information session.

VMG's Grant Writing training program is an 8-course certificate program which will unveil the secrets behind how to identify prospects, write a winning proposal and professionally apply for grants. Each of the 8 courses taught throughout the training covers a key area in the process of researching funders and constructing a grant proposal. Each class is taught by a subject matter expert who brings real-world practice and experience to the discussion. This program is offered in the classroom, online and via on-demand videos.

Get your feet wet!!! Take action!! Click here to watch a free video of VMG's Successful Grant Writing course.

STOP PROCRASTINATING! Are you tired of days turning into weeks, turning into months (and hopefully not years!) and you STILL have not learned how to write a grant proposal and therefore STILL don't have funding for a program you know could provide a great solution and make an impact? 

DID YOU START A NONPROFIT? Did you put your blood, sweat and tears into starting a non-profit and now you are at a standstill without funding to move forward?

DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR CAREER OR TRANSFER YOUR SKILLS INTO GRANT WRITING? Do you have business writing skills that you want to put to good use writing grants but don't know anything about grant writing? Are you working in a nonprofit or trying to get a job and you need to learn grant writing and you'd like to be CERTIFIED in grant writing? Do you dream of becoming a consultant in grant writing but aren't sure how to get started? Are you a college or graduate student seeking a career path in the non-profit sector but don't have the opportunity for gaining exposure to professionals in the field?  Whatever path you are on, VMG is here to teach you the skills you need to WRITE GRANTS and ultimately MOVE YOUR CAREER FORWARD

Whether you plan to work as a grant writer within an organization, independently as a consultant, as the head of a start-up non-profit, or as a new employee, you'll learn how to conduct funding research, design and develop grant projects, prepare grant applications, and write proposals to secure funding from diverse federal, state, local, and private funding sources.

Picture the BEST CASE SCENARIO after you've completed your grant writing training...the new opportunities you will have, the job or promotion you might be going after, the endless possibilites of how you can apply your newfound knowledge and skills. Take action, make the investment and say YES! Move your career forward. We're waiting for you!



VMG's Grant Writing Training
8-Course Certificate Program Curriculum:

* Successful Grant Writing
(sample for free)

* Proposal Writing
* Effective Communications
* Prospect Research
* Project Management
* Program Evaluation
* Grant Budgeting Basics
* Developing Corporate Partners

PLUS a free re-write of your resume!


Classroom Schedule & Registration

Online Training - Fall 2020


Successful Grant Writing: An Introductory Overview 
(click here for a free webinar of this course)
Get an A-Z overview of the grantwriting process and learn the core components of every grant proposal:cover letter, needs assessment, budget, methodology, and program evaluation. Develop a strategic approach to write a successful grant proposal. This is a great course for beginners who want to learn the basics about grant writing.

Proposal Writing: Constructing a Compelling Narrative
Students get started writing step-by-step. This hands-on class teaches how to write succinctly and persuasively. Students are encouraged to bring a project idea to begin formulating an outline for writing an actual rough draft proposal.

Effective Communications: Pitching Your Cause
Most people fear public speaking, along with death and taxes! Becoming a good communicator is something you have to WORK at and give attention to. Oprah did not become *Oprah* overnight. Rather she had been speaking in front of groups and on radio/TV for many years and from a young age. Effectively communicating is extremely important to building relationships and working productively. This class helps you learn effective ways of introduction and follow-up communications with your prospects, volunteers and all stakeholders. You need the ability to build rapport and communicate effectively with internal and external partners.  This course will help you gain confidence in establishing personal contact and maintaining relationships with foundation contacts and program officers. Best practices using email, phone, in-person meetings and written correspondence are covered. The 2-minute pitch and role play are used to facilitate learning. Many students comment that Effective Communications is their favorite class!

Project Management: Applications for Grant Writing
Learn how to apply project management tools and techniques to succeed at implementing programs and managing projects of any size and scope. Recognize ways to make your effort professional and competitive. Students are encouraged to bring their work in progress for interactive discussion and critique.

Program Evaluation & Measuring Impact
Conducting program evaluations is critical for demonstrating program impact to various stakeholders. Learn how to plan an evaluation, design a questionnaire, select evaluation methods, and interpret data to produce a cohesive evaluation report.

Prospect Research: A Guide to Finding Nonprofit Funding
This class provides the knowledge, strategies and resources necessary to find funding for various types of grants. Course covers identifying, prioritizing and creating a pipeline for potential funding sources from corporate and foundation funders.

Grant Budgeting Basics: Understanding Income and Expenses
Learn how to construct the budget component for your grant application. Understand how to estimate the costs needed and determine if the grant can cover the costs. You will determine if it is feasible for your project to be accomplished.

Developing Corporate Partners: Creating a Win-Win
Identify and comprehend the unique characteristics of corporate funders, the do's and don'ts in building corporate partnerships and what it takes to ultimately gaining their long-term support.

How To Apply

To enter the program, interested applicants must:

 - be fluent in English (written and spoken)

 - have a computer (or access to one) and an email address to receive communications from program coordinator

 - have access to dropbox or google docs in order to download and print course materials/handouts and bring to class

 - complete and submit VMG's Grant Writing Training Program Registration Form with payment

Schedules, Fees & Registration

Classroom Schedule & Registration

Online Training - Fall 2020


To register for the 8-course program complete and submit the VMG Grant Writing Training Program Registration Form and make payment. It's that easy! There is no application process required. Registration continues until classes are full. Walk-in registration on the day of class is not permitted. Registration must be completed by the deadline noted on the registration form. Completed registration forms can be mailed to Volunteer Management Group, faxed to 917-456-3449 or scanned and emailed to the email address on the registration form. Please email certificate (at) with questions or to confirm that your registration form and payment have been received.

Registration for Individual Courses

Students may register for Individual courses or the full 8-course certificate program. 

Cancellation Policy: No Refunds

Registration is first come, first served. Space is limited. Due to space arrangements all payments are final. No refunds possible. Students having cancellations or missed classes will receive access to an online recording of the class. Cancellation policy applies to online and classroom programs.

Class Size and Course Status

Class size for the classroom is typically is 7 to 10 students, and online is typically 4 to 8 students.  Please register early and before the registration deadline to avoid disappointment. Minimum enrollment must be met for a program to run. If minimum enrollment is not met, registrants will be contacted and offered a refund or the opportunity to take the training via videos on demand or in the next series.

Challenge Assignments

This is a non-credit training program. While grades will not be given, students are expected to work on  "VMG Challenge Assignments" that are assigned for each course. Students should plan on spending an additional hour or two each week outside of class time to work on completing the challenge assignement. Work should be submitted to the program coordinator or instructor for feedback and critique. Instructors will only review work on a timely basis at the time the course is taught (not after you finish the series). Specific instructions for the challenge assignments will be provided after you have registered.

Attendance Requirements

Students are required to be professional and, as a courtesy to the instructor and other students, be punctual in attending class. If absence is to occur, the student is responsible for notifying VMG. Each instructor maintains and submits attendance records for each class.

Completing Your Training and Earning Your Certificate

The Grant Writing Training consists of completing the 8 courses listed above and submitting a challenge assignment for each class. "Completing" the series consists of attending and participating in all class sessions for the program and submitting your challenge assignments. Upon completion you will receive a Grant Writing Certificate of Completion issued by Volunteer Management Group. Attendance at each class is required. Partial attendance in any class does not count toward completion. Certificates will be mailed out from VMG within 2 to 4 weeks after course completion.

VMG also offers Grant Writing On-Site Training and Consulting Services. Click here for details.




About VMG
Volunteer Management Group (VMG) is a consultancy providing companies and non-profits with project management, training and consulting services for nonprofit management, volunteer management, grant writing and corporate philanthropy programs. VMG offers training programs in nonprofit management, grant writing, volunteer management and corporate philanthropy, and hosts conferences and presents workshops on these topics. VMG coordinates large-scale fundraising events and volunteer fairs raising millions of dollars and bringing in volunteers for hundreds of charities in New York City and nationwide.




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