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About VMG Training Programs

Volunteer Management Group (VMG) offers professional development training programs focused in the nonprofit and corporate philanthropy fields. The programs are offered online and in the classroom in New York City.

Nonprofit Management Training Program

Volunteer Management Training Program

Grant Writing Training Program

Fundraising Training Program

Corporate Philanthropy Training Program 


VMG Training Program Benefits


For the individual:

If you wish to move forward in your current position or are considering a career in nonprofit management, grant writing, corporate philanthropy or volunteer management (as a first career or a second career) one of the VMG Training Programs can help you. Upon completion of the training program, you will have acquired specific knowledge in the core areas of the program and be better prepared to interview as well as succeed at a job in the nonprofit sector or corporate philanthropy field. The programs are also excellent for undergraduate or graduate students trying to gain real-world knowledge and information to decide on a particular area of concentration for their studies. For those individuals interested in starting a nonprofit or those hoping to get a grant for funding, the training programs take you step-by-step through all of the actions you need to take, and will provide you with a knowledge base so you are well equipped to make your dream into a reality. 



For the nonprofit team:

If you would like your staff to develop a deeper understanding of the various core components that make a nonprofit function, a VMG training program is the solution. Our talented instructors will come on-site to your workplace and deliver lectures and conduct interactive exercises as well as facilitate discussions to create greater synergies among your individual staff members as well as among departments. Often times, staff are isolated to their individual role and various funcational units, such as fundraising, volunteer program management, and human resources, and feel to be operating in silos. By engaging your staff in an 8-week program, individuals will learn more about the importance of their role within organization, and gain an understanding of how their department fits into the big picture of overall organizational operations.  To request more information or inquire about a specific schedule for your staff training, click here and submit your email


Upon completion of the 8 modules comprising a training program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from VMG for that particular program. There are no admissions requirements for any of the training programs, and no grades or exams; however, attendance at every class is required. Partial attendance in any class does not count toward completion. In order to earn a certificate of completion for any of these training programs, students must complete all of the eight courses in the series. The courses may be taken in one semester or spread out over two semesters.





  VMG Training Programs